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Best picture I've drawn by H3ARTOFTHEOCEAN

Well... Wow. I'm mind blown at the beauty of this artwork. It's like staring at a photo, but with the character actually there. W-wow...

Firstly, the colour choice. using only black and white, you have created a thing of beauty and I salute you. The eyes are the perfect size; really, did you use an actual person in front of you as a reference? Because there's no way any normal person could do that from the top of their head. You, my good deviant, are incredible.

The background - Seriously. Most deviants choose Swirls of colour and stuff like that but... You drew an extremely detailed arctic background. Everything is that perfect shade of whiite... It blends together perfectly!

And finally, dat mustache... XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
The Artist thought this was FAIR
17 out of 17 deviants thought this was fair.


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